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Brass Shankh Ganesha Hamper

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Unveil the splendor of traditional craftsmanship with Akkaara India's Brass Shankh Ganesha Hamper, an exquisite ensemble of artisanal glory and devotional elegance. This handcrafted gift hamper box, a hallmark of finesse and meticulous selection, features a Brass Shankh Ganpati Idol that radiates serenity and grace. Each element in the box, from the 200 grams of authentic Goan Cashew nestled in a sumptuous silk potli, to the bespoke 60-100gm handcrafted artisanal chocolate bar, has been chosen to convey profound sentiments of love and appreciation. Accompanied by a Personalised Card and encased within a handcrafted wooden Box, this hamper is not just a present, but a cherished keepsake, ensuring your gesture of gifting elevates to a divine experience.

Included in the Brass Shankh Ganesha Hamper:

  • Brass Shankh Ganpati Idol (Size: 7 inches x 5.5 Inches x 4 Inches, Weight: 2.1 kg)
  • Premium Goan Cashew (200g) in Silk Potli
  • Exquisite Artisanal Chocolate Bar (60-100g)
  • Personalised Greeting Card
  • Elegantly Crafted Wooden Box (Size: 12 Inches x 8 Inches x 6 Inches)

Gift the essence of Indian tradition wrapped in the warmth of a genuine gesture with Akkaara India's Brass Shankh Ganesha Hamper.

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Easy Return
Made in India
Made in India